Relationship between type 2 and type 5

The altruistic and the observer

Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries)
Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)


These two types contradict each other on many points and have a somewhat complementary nature.
2 is attracted to 5’s intelligence, self confidence and calm. 5’s emotional detachment also rather intrigues 2.
5 is attracted to 2’s optimism, kindness, goodness and social prosperity.
2 often initiates this relationship as he can see it as a challenge to be liked by 5, and as it can be complicated, this makes 2 even more determined.

Points where to be careful

2 can feel hurt, frustrated and neglected by 5 if he only pays attention to his mental world rather than paying any attention to 2.
2 needs closeness, while 5 needs a lot of personal space. This can cause them a lot of problems if they are not able to find a happy medium that works for the both of them. In the grips of his compulsion, 2 can become too obsessed with obtaining 5’s attention, which can scare 5 and lead him to flee.