Relationship between type 7 and type 2

The epicurian and the altruistic

Tyrion Lannister (GOT)
Lily Aldrin (How I Met Your Mother)


Here, 7 finds a loyal partner who can follow him in his adventures, and 2 finds almost non-stop entertainment thanks to 7’s almost inextinguishable energy.
2 is attracted to 7’s spirit of adventure, playfulness, spontaneity, energy, humour and mental agility.
7 is attracted to 2’s altruism, idealism, emotional depth, empathy, sensuality and compassion.

Points where to be careful

The main potential obstacle in this relationship is that 2 needs a rather fusional relationship with his partner, while 7 can quickly feel restricted and struggle with exclusive engagements that involve too much closeness. 7 enjoys his independence and struggles with restrictions.
Thus, 7 may find 2 to be too intrusive, possessive, manipulative and restrictive.
2 however may feel neglected and find 7 too playful, selfish and not trustworthy.