Relationship between type 2 and type 8

The altruistic and the leader

Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries)
Tommy Shelby (Peaky Blinders)


This is a powerful and very complementary relationship, with strong, reciprocal admiration.
2 is attracted to 8’s self-confidence, authority, determination, honesty, intensity and passion.
8 is attracted to 2’s positive energy, seduction, kindness, goodness, purity and passion.
2 can identify 8’s needs and seduce him with his affection and interpersonal skills in order to get closer.
2 is more connected to his emotional world, but 8 can be surprisingly tender and sentimental when he feels comfortable.
Both are responsible, loyal, action lovers, enthusiastic, hard-working, generous with big hearts, protective and strong-willed.
Both can find themselves to be the center of their partner’s life and are able to portray the other’s most loyal and trusted beings.

Points where to be careful

8 can be sociable but does not get attached to people and their needs as easily as 2.
2 can sometimes perceive 8 as being too conflicting, excessive, insensitive to the emotions of others, dominating and unable to show any vulnerability.
8 can sometimes perceive 2 as being manipulative, too emotional, indirect, intrusive and too attention-seeking.
With time, 8 can sometimes be under the impression that 2 is emotionally manipulating him in order to indirectly control him, which can make 8 extremely angry and conflicting.