Relationship between type 4 and type 3

The artist and the chameleon

Éponine (Les Misérables)
Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)


This couple can complement each other very well if they are both able to manage their compulsions.
4 is attracted to 3’s self-confidence, charisma, sociability, energy, diplomacy and winning personality.
3 is attracted to 4’s sensitivity, sentimental depth, authenticity, mysteriousness and romanticism.
4 can help 3 pay more attention to the sentimental feelings that he represses, while 3 can help 4 be more organised in his projects to get closer to his dreams.

Points where to be careful

4 is sensitive, moody, needs closeness and can really struggle with the neglect that 3 can show to their relationship while he concentrates on his professional goals.
4 can feel that 3 is too concerned with his image and his career, runs away from his feelings and is too superficial.
3 can feel that 4 is too moody, attention-seeking, passive, unproductive and inefficient.