Relationship between type 5 and type 3

The observer and the chameleon

Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)
Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey)


This is a very complementary relationship as they have many essential features in common as well as differences that complete one another.
3 is attracted to to 5’s creativity, depth of reflection, resourcefulness and analytical skills. 5 is attracted to 3’s self-confidence, charm, sociability and efficiency.
3 completes 5 with his social and diplomatic skills, while 3 appreciates the constructive advice that 5 can give him to help him improve.
Neither are very sentimental, but are sensitive and communicate their emotions mainly through actions.
They both tend to want to reach proficiency and excellence in everything they do, and can mutually support and help each other move forward towards their goals.

Points where to be careful

Both are very work-focused without being very emotional, and can sometimes struggle to find intimate time for each other.
3 can sometimes perceive 5 as being too analytical, detached and struggle to engage with the outside world.
5 can sometimes struggle with 3’s social needs, and require more alone time. This can be a source of conflict if they cannot find a balance that works for the both of them.