Relationship between type 5 and type 8

The observer and the leader

Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)
Katherine Pierce (Vampire Diaries)


5 is attracted to 8’s self-confidence, power, strength, resourcefulness, honesty energy.
8 is attracted to 5’s depth, knowledge, ingenuity, loyalty, steadfastness, insight and sense of humour.
8 greatly appreciates being able to count on 5’s trust, who completely understands his values.
8 greatly inspires 5 to spend less time thinking and more time doing, when necessary.
Both enjoy intense intellectual debates, are not very sentimental but do have a soft side, and are truth-seekers.

Points where to be careful

When relationship issues arise, neither is comfortable talking about their feelings.
8 can become conflicting, difficult and threatening. 5 will only defend himself to a certain point before isolating himself and closing in on himself.
If 8 struggles to control his compulsion and has bursts of anger, this really can terrify 5.
5 can perceive 8 as being too intimidating, aggressive, invasive, impulsive, irrational, offensive and insensitive.
8 can perceive 5 as being too held back, closed in, theoretical, boring and arrogant.