Relationship between two types 7

Two epicureans

Phoebe Buffay (Friends)
The Joker (Batman)


Here, we have a very fun-filled relationship. Both are happy to have found in the other, an ideal companion with whom to experience life.
They are both full of optimism, curiosity, energy and spontaneity.
They both have an active, agile and lively mind. And they love this about the other, being multi-talented and never bored.
They are both very independent but also both like to have fun with their partner.
They are also both idealists and want to contribute towards the good of the world.

Points where to be careful

They can perceive each other as being too selfish, not very trustworthy, neglectful, selfish and arrogant.
Both run away from negative feelings and tend not to fix their relationship issues, but to escape in other activities.