Relationship between type 1 and type 2

The ethical and the altruistic.

Mr. Spock (Star Trek)
Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries)


This is a rather complementary combination.
1 is attracted to 2’s generosity, sympathy and attention. 1 is charmed by 2’s sociability, good humour, joy of living, strong sentimental side and big heart.
2 is attracted to 1’s integrity, honesty, awareness, rigor, reliability and self control.
2 feels 1’s internal need (that could be hidden) to have more pleasurable moments in their life, and can feel the want to help him.
1 is happy to have someone who can soften him and help develop his social life, while 2 appreciates the security and emotional stability that 1 can offer. Both types appreciate and admire the other’s desire to help and sense of responsibility.
They share a common vision which is the wish to contribute towards doing something good in the world.

Points where to be careful

2 can feel neglected by 1 who can be too involved in his professional activity and thus not give enough to the relationship.
2 can sometimes see 1 as being too critical, emotionally closed on himself, inflexible, unable to relax and too easily annoyed.
1 can sometimes see 2 as being too intrusive, possessive, emotionally “needy” and manipulative.