Relationship between type 4 and type 8

The artist and the leader

Éponine (Les Misérables)
Tommy Shelby (Peaky Blinders)


4 is attracted to 8’s self-confidence, energy, charisma, presence, passion, intensity, honesty, rawness, big heart and non-conventional spirit.
8 is attracted to 4’s emotional depth, sensitivity, elegance, mysteriousness, complexity, idealism, romanticism and non-conventional spirit.
Both can have strong emotional reactions and deep feelings.
It is a very passionate relationship.

Points where to be careful

They are both intense and can be conflicting. 8 can become irritated with 4’s mood swings. They might provoke each other just to shake up the relationship.
4 can perceive 8 as being too insensitive, dominant, demanding and aggressive.
8 can perceive 4 as being too selfish, depressed, dramatic, inactive and unstable.