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barbara, type 8w7
I feel like the 8w7 is what I show to others, but I don't internalize it very much. It's more like a superficial persona to be socially accepted. Most other tests have assigned me a 5, with me determining the 4 wing which I find more fitting. Even the 4w5 and 1w9 typing that I had three years ago felt more accurate than this...
Effy, type 8w7
الفتاة الجميلة العادئة, type 4w5
Kathleen, type 5w4
Frankie, type 3w2
I tested as a 9 on a previous survey. But that didn’t fit perfectly. This says I’m a 3, which fits in many ways. But again, not perfectly. I seem to take on a lot of the characteristics of the nine types. I must be so balanced!!
Zozo, type 2w1
Yes, clearly me. Makes perfect sense
Searching, type 2w3
I did another online free test. Was a 9 on that one with 2 a close second. Here, 9 is way down the scale! I know I made 2 errors on this test here, but could not go back to correct them. I was not "rethinking" them...I just clicked the wrong bubble too quickly.
JayElle123, type 1w2
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