Relationship between type 1 and type 9

The ethical and the peacemaker

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
Frodo Baggins (LOTR)


These two types complete each other on essential points.
1 is attracted to 9’s peaceful nature, tolerance, goodness, adaptivity and kindness, that generates a peaceful effect.
9 is attracted by 1’s integrity, passion, efficiency, sense of responsibility and decision-making ability.
9 can help 1 be less self-critical and more relaxed, while 1 can help 9 be more decisive and more focused on his priorities.
They both have an idealist and altruistic nature and appreciate it in the other.

Points where to be careful

9 has a rather indecisive nature and can have difficulty making decisions. He often asks his partner to choose for him. 1 will encourage 9 to give an answer to help him understand what he wants, which can make 9 feel tense if he interprets it as being pressured.
9 reacts badly to pressure and can adopt a passive-aggressive attitude. This can make 1 even more impatient and angry and cause cold and difficult moments in the relationship.