Relationship between two types 9

Two peacemakers

Amy Dorrit (Little Dorrit)
Frodo Baggins (LOTR)


Both 9s are attracted to the other’s affection, acceptance, open-mindedness, tolerance and reciprocal tranquility.
They both want harmony, peace, security and comfort in their relationship.
They like to have and maintain good routines and know how to enjoy the small things in life.
Together, they can both naturally feel totally accepted and loved for who they are.

Points where to be careful

Both avoid conflict and can struggle communicating their problems when they arise in the relationship.
9s struggle with prioritising within their own program and often require their partner’s help. But when both are 9s, this can be a problem.
They may both perceive each other as being too indecisive, opposing, stubborn, lazy and passive.