Relationship between type 1 and type 4

The ethical and the artist

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
Dracula (Bram Stoker's Dracula)


1 has a conformist nature, while 4 is often very interested in the opposite. However, these two types can form a rather complementary relationship if they are able to manage their compulsion well. 4 can help 1 let go, have fun and explore his feelings. 1 can help 4 be more organised and motivate him to act and materialise his ideas.
4 is attracted to 1’s self-control, pragmatism and helpfulness, as well as his desire to make the world around him a better place.
1 is attracted by 4’s creativity, his dreamy side and his search for authenticity.
Both are idealists, drawn to each other by their sense of integrity. Both types notice what is missing in the world around them and can support each other to move towards their ideals.

Points where to be careful

1 can sometimes perceive 4 as being egocentric, too sensitive, fickle, faded, too engulfed in his own world and not very active.
4 can sometimes perceive 1 as being too critical, judgemental, closed in on himself and too conformist.
4 needs an intense exchange of emotions while 1 tends to keep everything in and control his emotions.
1 can sometimes struggle with 4’s need to feel “special”.
4 can then sometimes feel embarrassing, inferior and rejected.