Relationship between Type 7 and Type 1

The epicurean and the ethical

Phoebe Buffay (Friends)
Mr. Spock (Star Trek)


1 and 7 complete each other on many levels.
1 is attracted to 7’s joyfulness, enthusiasm, optimism, adaptability, energy, insatiable curiosity, desire to discover new things and sense of fun.
7 is attracted to 1’s self-control, awareness, integrity, reliability, perfectionism, desire to improve his environment, sense of responsibility and organisation.
7 helps 1 relax a bit more and to sometimes be more spontaneous, while 1 helps 7 to be more focused on his projects.

Points where to be careful

When initiating something, 7 prefers to improvise while 1 prefers for everything to be well planned. This can create a conflict of interest.
1 can have difficulty with 7’s behaviour, which can sometimes not seem disciplined enough, egocentric and scattered. 7s tend to be easily distracted.
What can drive 1 crazy, is if 7 chooses to go against the plan and do something which he thinks would be more fun.
7 can sometimes feel too controlled by 1 and get frustrated.