Relationship between type 6 and type 3

The loyal and the chameleon

Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)
Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)


3 is attracted to 6’s attention, generosity, support, sensitivity, sense of humour and sincerity.
6 is attracted to 3’s self-confidence, charm, enthusiasm, charisma and determination.
3 feels that 6 loves him for who he really is, and not for his success, and appreciates receiving constructive criticism from 6.
3 can help and motivate 6 to fix goals and act to reach them.

Points where to be careful

3 can sometimes perceive 6 as being too doubtful, anxious, pessimistic, cautious and sceptical.
3 can feel that 6’s excessive caution restrains him from reaching his ambitions. And if 3 acts ignoring 6’s warnings, this will make 6 even more anxious and 3 can struggle or even not take the time to reassure 6.
6 can sometimes perceive 3 as being too impatient, boastful, indifferent, a bad listener, distant and dishonest.