Relationship between type 4 and type 7

The artist and the epicurean

Éponine (Les Misérables)
The Joker (Batman)


These two types are very different on certain points but very complementary on others.
4 is attracted to 7’s energy, enthusiasm, self-confidence, optimism, curiosity, excitement and spirit of adventure.
7 is attracted to 4’s deep, idealistic, passionate, creative, non-conformist and romantic spirit.
Around 7, 4 becomes a lot less moody as he is already too taken with all the fun activities and conversations that 7 takes him on.
7 brightens 4’s life, makes him come out of his shell and feel alive, and 4 adores this. 4 helps 7 explore his internal world and helps him be more deeply connected to his feelings and emotions.
They are both idealists and aspire to contribute something good to the world.

Points where to be careful

4 can sometimes see 7 as being too offensive, superficial, opportunistic, impatient, impulsive, insensitive, intolerant towards negative emotions and indifferent to trying to solve complicated relationship issues.
7 tends to flee emotional connection as soon as it becomes intense, which can make 4 incredibly sad, as he is looking for exactly that.
4 can also wear himself out, in the attempt to follow 7’s very energetic pace of life.
7 can perceive 4 as being too emotional, moody, attention-seeking, negative, hypersensitive and have over exaggerated emotions.