Relationship between type 1 and type 3

The ethical and the chameleon

Mr. Spock (Star Trek)
Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey)


These two types have strong points in common, as well as major differences, which makes them very complementary to each other.
They both value competence, productivity, efficiency and performance highly, are both driven by the desire to be the best at what they do and to help each other move forward. 3 can be more sensitive to his reputation while 1 pays more attention to principles. 1 pays a lot of attention to detail while the most important thing for 3 is to reach the end goal.
They complete each other on rather important points. 1 has a very rigid and methodical approach, while 3 is more flexible and uses his adaptability skills more. Often having a very active social life, 3 helps 1 develop one, while 1 helps 3 have a stable intimate relationship.
Neither is particularly sentimental and they prefer to communicate through shared activities and conversations linked to their objectives, rather than discuss their feelings or have deep, emotional conversations.
They both need a certain amount of personal space within the relationship, and are delighted to both be able to give it to the other.

Points where to be careful

1 can sometimes find 3 to be too oblivious, immoral, negligent to details, superficial, manipulative, cold and narcissistic. 1 can be pushed away by 3’s tendency to completely change his public image based on the situation so as to always look good. The fact that 3 often tricks others with a false image can make 1 very wary of their relationship.
3 can sometimes find 1 to be too critical and moral towards his behaviour and get annoyed about it. 3 needs to feel appreciated and admired, while 1 can show himself to be very rigid when he spots imperfections, especially when things go against his principles.
Both can struggle with facing their sentimental issues and they are both inclined to bury themselves in their professional activity if there is any emotional conflict.