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Results analysis : Your main type is uncertain. We advise you to also read the descriptions of the other dominant types (9w8, 3w4) so that you can deduce which one fits you best.
Note: The percentages (%) used above should be interpreted only for indicative purposes in order to identify the basic type.

Type 7

The epicurean, the adventurer

Phoebe Buffay (Friends)
Tyrion Lannister (GOT)
The Joker (Batman)


7s are motivated by the need to live life to the full, and to have fun. They live life like it’s an adventure, and are constantly planning new experiences, even while they are living one. They often want to try the maximum number of things that draws their interest, they never want to miss something accessible to them that is pleasant and enjoyable. They are extroverted, energetic, creative, playful and optimistic beings with a great sense of humour. They like sharing their good mood and often try to help those more serious, to relax and laugh more. 7s are rather independent beings and do not appreciate restrictions or being told what to do. They need freedom, variety and multiple options both in their work and personal lives. Rather than going up against authority, they find ways of going around it. Their bright smile and spirit means they often have the gift of avoiding and calming conflicts.

Avoidance compulsion

7s look at all costs, and sometimes subconsciously, to avoid suffering. They do everything they can to avoid sadness, emotional hurt, frustration, boundaries, constraints and boredom.

Center of attention and motivation

7s’ attention is mainly focused on planning a positive future, making fun and enjoyable plans and keeping several options open. They want to be happy, try lots of things, and become nervous when they don’t have anything to do or only have one possible option.
They are motivated by fun and varied experiences, they want to try as many things as possible that life has to offer them and want to make the world more enjoyable to live in. They need to be positive and optimistic. They can undertake improvised projects and need flexible plans.

Vice and defense mechanism

When they are in the grips of their compulsion (avoiding suffering), their ego makes them moody and greedy: “is more fun not better?”. Whatever the type of pleasure is, they want more of it and don’t stop until they are tired of it. They thus find it very difficult to resist if something fun is suggested to them. Their defence mechanism is to rationalise: this can often be translated as their ease in reformulating things into positive terms. In terms of a defence mechanism, rationalising enables them to find good reasons to do what they want to do, and to see things how they want them to be believed. For example, if a 7 should not drink a certain drink because of health issues, with the temptation, they could easily say themselves “It’s okay, it’s only a small glass”. Thus, they find a justification which stops them from feeling bad about their behaviour. It can however sometimes distance them from their true motivations.

In harmony

When they are at peace with themselves and manage their compulsion, 7s are positive, imaginative, playful, good-humoured, curious, joyful, very energetic, helpful, humanitarian, spontaneous and creative.
They are at ease when their need to find pleasure is satisfied, and when they feel free. Then, they lean towards their integration type (type 5) and the latter’s positive traits are incorporated into their behaviour. Thus, they become more analytical, autonomous, focused, observant and pay more attention to detail.

In imbalance

In the grips of their compulsion, 7s can become evasive, egocentric, disengaged, compulsive, erratic, agitated and indifferent to others’ feelings.
If the situation doesn’t improve, they lean towards their disintegration type (type 1) and the latter’s negative traits are incorporated into their behaviour. They can thus become more authoritarian, rigid, critical, difficult and demanding.


Type 7’s neighbouring types are 6 and 8. The “wing” is the neighbouring type that appears to have the most influence on the base type.
7w6s are more responsible, good at relationships and cooperative, but can also be more anxious and fragile.
7w8s are more independent, determined and confident but can also be more excessive and materialistic.

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