Why is this test more reliable than other Enneagram Tests?

Originally, the enneagram is not a test, but a theory. The aim of an enneagram test is to help you find your type in the theory. Many people overlook the Ennegram’s potential because of the number of poor quality tests that can be found on the internet. Because of this, many people receive a type that does not really correspond to them, are disappointed with the test and take their result as it is. This is a great shame as the Enneagram is a theory that has so much to offer. This is exactly why this Enneagram Test was initially created, to be more efficient than other Enneagram tests and to enable more people to discover its true potential.
As well as good questions, a good enneagram test requires a serious post-analysis of the answers in order to optimise the algorithm and offer more reliable results. This was done when launching this Test.
Furthermore, when respondents receive close results, the test does not make them believe something incorrect, but rather explains it very explicitly and suggests different possibilities.

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