What Do the Types of Integration and Disintegration Represent?

The types of integration and disintegration are fairly well structured. Although this is an addition of personality traits to the basic type (while the basic types already assume that they can all contain them), in this case, these personality traits are directly linked to the state of sanity, which is the central subject of the enneagram. People of the same type can be very different, depending on their level of healthiness (‘healthy’, ‘unhealthy’, or ‘average’).

The type of integration is correct, because when you become healthier, you develop a connection with a wider field of positive personality traits (and any basic type already assumes that it can develop those generally attributed to any other type). However, the type of integration generally opposes the basic type (The basic type must be healthy in order to develop the personality traits of its integration type, otherwise most of the time its compulsion would prevent it from manifesting them). So, the positive traits of the integration type are quite useful, especially for recognising a healthy basic type, and expressing complementary traits to it.

Regarding the types of disintegration, they highlight the negative traits that the basic type would naturally avoid manifesting. So, if that type comes to manifest them, it would directly express an internal distress and level of healthiness in the subject (‘unhealthy’).

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